How to train consistently with a inconsistent work travel schedule

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Question about adding volume.

I have a work schedule that takes me away for days at a time. Also, it’s not consistently Monday through Friday. For example leave on a Wednesday back Saturday, two days off, leave Tuesday back Thursday, five days off, etc…

I have been doing the low volume plans and try to add miles inside (especially in the winter) or outside (especially in the summer).

My question is what kind of volume should I shoot for?

The plans tipically has three interval workouts a week. Should I add easy recovery or endurance or combination? On weeks that I’m on the road should I include running? If so what kind of pace?

On the days I’m home and am able to do the workouts, what would you think about doing the longer + of the workouts when they’re available? For example, instead of doing the one hour Ericsson, do the 2 hour Ericsson +4.

The weekly TSS as prescribed by the plan is low for my capabilities. I’m haveing trouble being consistent because of my travel schedule.

Thanks for any insights!

I know a medical resident with an erratic but highly demanding schedule. He knocks out 80-100 mile solo rides at over 250 W every 5-10 days, with no training in between. Seems to work for him!

What I do when I am traveling…

  1. Try and stay at a Hilton. They have Pelotons in the gym. I would run a TR workout on my iPad and manually adjust the Watts. Was it perfect? No, but it worked. Alternatively, see if whatever hotel you are staying in has a spin bike instead of a regular exercise bike.

  2. Find a spin class near your hotel. I usually sit in the back and avoid the “stupid human tricks” and just focus on riding. Most now have shoes you can use so you don’t have to pack any.

  3. Get a day pass for a local gym

  4. Run.


^this. Also you can swap power meter pedals on pretty easily and get power measurement on any bike. A lot of my travels in the before time sent me to more rural factory towns and those hotels rarely had proper spin bikes.


I also travel frequently for work during normal times. I only stay at hotels with decent equipment if possible. I have been know to call ahead to check it’s in working order.

Some hotels have free passes to bigger local gyms. They often don’t promote this so you have to ask the front desk. My employer also agreed to cover a gym day pass as a travel expense if the hotel didn’t have suitable equipment. I think I’m the only person at the company that has asked for this but if you don’t ask you don’t get and happy employees stay in the job longer! :slight_smile:

Sadly access to hotel gyms is almost non-existent in Canada currently and drop ins to other gyms isn’t allowed but I’m not back on the road yet so all good. Typically I’m a mid-volume plan person but with the lack of travel, I’m currently high volume :grin:

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Are you saying that you cant train when youre away from home?

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I can train when away. Though it’s more difficult during current times to find a spin bike. Running is always an option. But, really I’m curious how to setup my training while I am home. If I have just three days should I do all three interval workouts in those three days? If I have six days should I up the interval workouts to the longer versions and do recovery or endurance rides in between?

When I have a longer stretch of days at home, should I try to emulate a mid or high volume plan?

Above all, consistency is the key. So no matter what you end up doing, do it consistently.

Personally, if I was trying to fill 3 days at home, I would go for 2 days of intervals and one day of a longer endurance ride.

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I don’t think any training can be though of in isolation to the rest of your training, so if you couldn’t train when away for work yes three days not too hard, with the hardest day last.

As you can train, consider taking a bike with you or hiring a bike at your destination (it may be expensable). Take your Garmin and do outdoor TR if you want, or just a long aerobic ride is good.

Taking shoes for running is of course the easiest - I check in and immediately go for a thirty minute exploratory run to get the lay of the land, get back shower and change for work/evening.

When you are disrupted like this I aim for training every other day, and if I get an extra opportunity add in an easy session. As others have said, consistency gets you the most value.

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Hey all, I’ve just finished my build phase and I’m away half of this week and all of next week with work.

I was planning on going back to Base anyway so a short gap in between may not be the worst thing.

My question is whether you would use these two weeks to change it up (hotel room workouts, running or other) or try to bring a bike with me and try to maintain with less time than usual?