How to tell when upload is done on Windows

Is there a way to tell when the desktop software is done uploading the workout to the server after a workout is completed? I want to wait until it is completed before I shut down the machine, and right now I wait until I get a strava notification on my phone. It would be great if TR could let me know, as sometimes there is a delay of several minutes.
Is there some other way to tell?
If not, @Bryce I hope this can make a feature list somewhere :slight_smile:

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I shut the PC down after each session (it’s a gaming rig, it’s both noisy and power-hungry), I’ve never had to think about waiting, and I’ve never lost a ride. Once the workout is over, I get off the bike, take off my gloves and shoes, take off my HR strap, and then shut down the box. That minute or 2 is ample time, apparently.

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I have TR sync with a Dropbox folder and I get a windows notification when a new file is added to that folder. I’d say after the ride summary stats appear on the app it takes maybe 30-50 seconds for that notification to appear. So, like the poster above said, if you get off, take a HR monitor off, and take your shoes off then you you should be good to turn the machine off.

There’s a button at the bottom, “Analyze Online” or something. It takes you to a TR webpage. If that button is live and works, it’s been uploaded.

This thread has been tagged with #feature-request which allows other TR athletes to throw in their “+1” if they agree that they would use this particular feature :+1:.

For now, there are a couple good workarounds that have been shared in this thread that can help inform you of a successful upload.


it would be a nice feature as its useful and adds to the UX and overall polish, but I also pretty much close TR immediately after I get off my bike and sit down and I’ve never had a missed upload, so I don’t really think it matters

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Thanks Bryce. I’ve tried a number of the things suggested in the thread, but for instance it can take quite a while for the workout to show up online. I guess I’ll just try closing the app and be on the lookout for workouts that don’t get uploaded.

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