How to strip power data from garmin file

Batteries were low in my quarq and i had about two weeks worth of bad data at the end of July.

The drift higher was not high enough that i noticed at the time, but after replacing the batteries my power numbers were much more in line with the expected improvement. (Although i wish my FTP was up the 30 watts that the bad numbers indicated…)

Can you strip power data from a file within TrainerRoad software?

Thanks in advance!

Not sure if you can do it within TR but you can export the .fit file from Garmin, then process through FIT File Tools and re-upload.

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I’m not sure I understand, why do you want to delete the data? Is the higher power interfering with your personal records?

If so, you can go through and “exclude” that ride from your personal records by following this process:

  1. Select the “edit” icon on the ride you would like to exclude
  2. Uncheck the “Personal Records” checkbox
  3. Repeat for all affected rides

If there is another reason you want to delete the data, let me know and I may be able to help you find a workaround :slight_smile:


Thanks for the suggestion, but i dont have the option to export to a .fit file from Garmin. My attempts to convert a GPX file to a FIT file, strip the power, then convert back to a GPX file have not been successful.

Using an edge 520

They are all .fit files on the garmin, not .gpx. Plug it into you computer as a mass storage device, go to Activities folder (I think, it might be a different one) and download the files you’re interested in.

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On Garmin Connect, choose ‘export original’ from the settings menu of the activity of interest. Unzip the downloaded file and you have your .fit file.

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Thanks for the suggestion, downloading the original from garmin this worked for all but one of the files.

For the last one, I’ll just have to go back to the original files on the device as Splash suggested.

Thanks guys, problem solved and appreciate the knowledge on the file types.