How to spend a day without a workout

I’m a cyclocross racer.
Plan your trainer road and plan 5 workouts a week.
I am in the middle of the race season, but I feel that the training volume is low at about 300 to 400tss a week.
Should I rest on days when I don’t plan to work out?
Or tell me if I should put in some workouts.

You can ride if you want to. Just don’t do anything too hard so your body is recovered for your next workout.

You can just go outside and ride, or pick an endurance workout from Train Now or something.

Don’t work out, rest, and then internally feel bad about yourself and “feel” yourself getting slower and fatter.

That’s what I do anyway.



Plenty to do; Walk, stretch, relax, read a book, watch some movies, clean your house, clean your car. Prep some food, and go for a very easy bike ride.

I’ve been using to distract me and make me reasonably happy to sit still and rest my legs. It’s hugely addictive.