Have Power Meter and Smart Trainer, How to Best To DoTR Workouts On Zwift?

I’ve been on TR for 6 month with dumb trainer and power meter. I just got a Kickr and I’m having trouble figuring out the best options for doing a TR workout while on Zwift. use the training plan, love it, and want to stick to it. But I also want the entertainment/distraction of Zwift and be race there as well. As far as I’ve been able to figure out, I can’t have my power meter reading to both TR and Zwift concurrently, nor can I have my Kickr reading to both concurrently. And I’ve not been able to find a way to import my TR workout into Zwift.
So what’s the best way to configure this?
TR reads Kickr, Zwift reads power meter? (Would allow TR to direct trainer in erg mode)
Is there a better way?
And I’ve seen in the forum that there’s something called powermatch, but I can’t find that anywhere on TR website or app. What is it and where do I find it?

there at least two threads in this forum about this. But here is the short version (or at least how I do it): Trainer is connected to TR app via bluetooth as controllable trainer. So TR controls ERG mode. Adn simultaneously I have the power reading transmitted to zwift via Ant+. Works like a charm.

P.s. also tried doing workouts directly in Zwift by simply recreating them via the Zwift workout creator, but that’s much more of a hassle and the whole interface and everything is kinda meh. I much prefer to do it in the TR app with Zwift just reading power and having my little Avatar cycling around to it.

I tried to search for the same topic, but did not find the 2 threads you referred to, or didn’t realize it if I did. I don’t mean to cause the same stuff to be rehashed. Do you know the names of the threads you’re talking about?

I use a kickr and no power meter. I also ride in Zwift while doing TR sessions. I also record to a Fenix watch.

TR is setup to control the kickr via Ant+.
Zwift is setup to use Kickr power via BT with the “controllable” turned off when running TR as well.
Fenix records power from Kickr. Not sure if this uses Ant+ or BT but I think the latest Kickr’s have 2 BT channels.

I have no issues as long as I remember to de-select the controllable option in Zwift when first going in.