Force TSS Calculation from HR (Override Bad Power Data)

My PM is very temperamental lately; when it works I believe it is still accurate, but it only seems to send data to the head unit intermittently. I have a recent ride of 4.5 hours for which I only ended up with about 30 minutes of power data.

Since there is some power data, TR uses this to calculate TSS - but I only ended up with a value of 23. Annoying, but obviously the issue is with the PM. I was wearing an HR monitor, so is there a way to ignore the power data for this ride and estimate TSS from HR instead?

Hey @gvmcd,

In this situation, you might have to utilize some third-party software such as fitfiletools which gives you the option to remove fields such as power from your ride file. I’d feed it the original ride file from your head unit, and from there, you can upload it into TrainerRoad and proceed with HR-based TSS (you’ll have to delete the original ride from TrainerRoad before the new one can be uploaded).

In regard to your power meter issues, I’d recommend first checking the battery level. As sensors like these start to lose power, they can be spotty and lose their signal strength.

If the battery has enough charge left, you could try repairing it to your head unit and ensuring it’s not trying to connect to any other devices, such as your phone, in the area. Signal interference is a common culprit of these types of issues!

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Thanks, the way I managed to do this in the end was open the .tcx file in VSCode and find and delete all lines containing the string ‘watts’. For some reason fitfiletools took out all the power data from the fit file but TR still saw that there was a PM associated (it still said 4iiii on the activity).

As for the PM, I tried all the usual battery replacement, re-pairing etc. but I’m pretty sure this started after I clipped a curb pretty forcefully with my left crank arm, so unfortunately I think it’s done for :frowning:

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