How to re-sync Strava activities?

Is there way to force a resync/update of individual (or all) activities imported from Strava? Or the ability to crop ride data in TR?

When exporting to Strava, the iPhone app I use to record outdoor rides (Wahoo Fitness) adds the first non-zero power reading to every point since the start of the recording. These points should read zero.

It hasn’t been so much of a problem in the past because the first point has been 100W or less. Today though, it was 675W. So, instead of zeros at the start of the ride, it was three minutes of 675W. I can’t ride that hard, yet :wink:. It’s going to show up in my Records, but I do want the rest of the ride to show up.

I’d like to do this too. I have a recent ride where my bike was driven around in a van while I was stationary. I’ve cropped it in Strava but it’s still all wrong in TR.

I want to use TR to replace TrainingPeaks so the ability to correct recording mistakes would be really welcome.

Here’s my workaround:

  1. Edit ride in Strava. Export TCX file.
  2. Delete the ride from your TR calendar
  3. Import ride to TR (find the Import Ride button in Past Rides)

Thank you for this, had to edit a ride after leaving my garmin on a 3 hour drive