Re-importing a workout

I went for a big ride on Saturday, and recorded it from 2 devices. One was from my Iphone, and the other on my ancient Garmin 910XT. I used the Garmin, because it connects to my HRM. I used the Iphone, because I woudn’t have access to my laptop to upload my workout - and I am a numbers geek and wanted to look at power/segment data right away. My Strava app on the phone uploaded no problem. However, when I got back to my laptop a couple of days later and uploaded from my watch, both workouts showed up on Strava. I deleted the Iphone version (first to upload) and kept the Garmin version since it had the HR data. When I returned to TR, it doesn’t show me as having either of those workouts. How would I re-import something, or am I stuck just creating a workout manually with the info?

See the “Manually…” section:

Thanks! Hadn’t thought about downloading the GPX from Strava.

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That almost worked. It gets stuck uploading the file.

Despite it never completing the process, my workout now shows up. Strange.

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Another trick that’s worked for me in the past is to disconnect Strava uploads in TR and then connect them again. Give it a few minutes and TR adds the ride that was missing.


On occasion, I have also edited (like rename or add notes) in the Strava ride, and save it.

That change sometimes acts as a trigger to re-sync between both apps, so TR updates or pulls it in.

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