Galena vs Galena +1 (what’s up with the PL’s?)

Clearly, Galena +1 is more difficult than Galena. Why is Galena a PL of 7.8 vs 6.1 for Galena +1?

Maybe it’s simply a mistake?

If this has been discussed previously, my apologies.

It’s sweet spot 7.8 vs threshold 6.1
90-94% is classified as sweet spot vs the 95% being threshold


you’re comparing apples(Sweet spot) and oranges(threshold)

That happens sometimes. You can also see this with very easy Sweet Spot workouts: some of the alternates are classified as Tempo workouts, because they sit slightly below the Sweet Spot power range.

Still, in training, they are suitable alternates, i. e. if you want something slightly harder than Galena, Galena +1 is still a suitable choice.

Yep, my mistake. Didn’t notice that little detail (SS vs Threshold designation). Makes sense now.

Without noticing, I was assuming both were sweet spot workouts.

Thanks all for the responses!