How To Mix In Sprints

Hi all,

I’m in a high volume plan criterium plan that doesn’t train sprints. I’m 37, 6’0, 170 pounds. I have a few questions.

  1. My only off day is Monday and then I usually do Orange Theory or something. How and where should I mix in weightlifting? On my lighter cycling days?

  2. I hit a best of about 1350 watts before I ever started structured training but I’m a much better cyclist now as far as 5 minute, 20 minute and hour power. However, the max wattage I can get now while on a ride is 1150 or 1200; is that just because my legs are carrying fatigue? The time I hit my best I hadn’t cycled for days and went out to try and hit a big number.

  3. If that is the case, how will I know my actual sprint numbers or if I’m improving if I’m always carrying some fatigue from the structured training? The only time I’m fresh is before a ramp test. But, I don’t ramp test anymore; I just bump up the FTP at that time if I feel like I need to, so:

  4. Instead of doing a ramp test, should I take the rest week and then test my sprint when I’m fresh?

  5. I feel like I’ve tried to learn sprinting technique but it hasn’t led to any better numbers. Am I just a slow learner? Has learning proper technique let you produce higher sprint watts and by how much?

Thanks in advance!