How to Install Second Zip on Vest?

Have a castelli vest supplied by team, it only came with one zip so can’t be unzipped from the bottom while riding to allow for cooling or better access to pockets.
Anyone know if/how you can install a second zip on a vest that doesn’t come with one? I tried a “fix-n-zip” but it didn’t work and was far too bulky. Not opposed to taking it to a seamstress for alterations but dont even know if its doable.

I’m no expert here, but I think the entire zipper would need to be swapped for a dual-zip version to do that.


I have no idea how to do it but try and find a dressmaker or tailor near you. Should be a simple alteration for them to do.


It’s not just a matter of installing a second slider onto your existing zipper. The entire design of the bottom stop/boxpin is different, as are the sliders themselves. What you’re looking for is a “Two way separating zipper”. I’ve installed them on several of my jackets, including my ultralight down jacket. Any local sew shop would be able to remove the old zipper and install a new one, but you’re likely looking at a hefty price tag(I’d estimate $70+) and it’ll never look as good as original as far as matching thread color and trims.
They’re also not something commonly stocked, even in your Michaels or Hobby Lobby. There are multiple sizes(#3 and #5 being applicable here) and types(coil vs tooth). I typically order them from here: YKK #3 Molded Plastic Two-Way Jacket Zippers | WAWAK

(worked as a seamster at Patagonia for years)


Thank you this is very insightful.