Gloves always go at the cuffs...can this be repaired? Other recommendations?

I have a pair of Castelli Perfetto Rosso Corsa gloves…they fit and work great. They’re fraying at the cuffs. This is how I usually kill gloves apparently :joy: Can these be fixed?

If anyone has other recommendations for XXL gloves that’ll work down to the low 40s/upper 30s F I’m all ears. Thanks!

Glove snob/connoisseur here:

Upper 30s to 40s? My hands are “only XL” in Pearl, but I’d be content on my commutes with my PI gloves that appear to fit somewhere between the Cyclone soft-shell and the Am Fib lite.

I’m still trying to find a visual reason to discard the OP’s gloves. Those are 100% still in rotation in my life, but you , do , you.

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I fully intend to use them as long as possible. Theyre fraying though (cut off a bunch of loose threads before the pic) so I’m not sure if they’ll fall apart tomorrow or in 5 years. Never hurts to have a back up plan!


I’m confident they’ll serve their purpose for 2-3 years, but I’ve never had that model…

I don’t believe in backups, I believe in “options.” I’m about 10 years into riding (rotationally) with some earlier version of Guide Gloves and about three years ago picked up some Oakley Trigger mitts, and was gifted some full gauntlet PI stuff. No shame for having options.

Or can you burn the edges a little with a lighter?

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