Has anyone ever gotten a jersey zipper replaced?

I’ve had a couple of jersey zippers break (likely from corrosion due to sweat). It would be a shame to toss the jersey because of it. Has anyone ever gotten a jersey zipper replaced? Where does one go to get this done?


What brand jerseys and have you reached out to the MFG as a start?

These folks replaces a jacket zipper for me a couple of years ago: http://rainypass.com/ They weren’t cheap, but it saved a favorite jacket that would have cost $150 to replace. They’ll take a look at it and give you an estimate so you can decide if it’s worth the cost to repair.
Great work, great folks.

Seems like something a local tailor/seamstress could handle. I’ve had them do alterations on jerseys (like LS sleeve length) and would think zippers are a piece of cake…

Yes one of my Rapha jerseys but I sent it to them and they did it for free. Part of what you buy though is that service.

I had a zipper replaced on a cycling vest once. I just took it to a local tailor, and they did it with seemingly no problems.

This - any drycleaners too.

In the UK, Nopinz £25 Inc p&p usually 3 day turnaround.