Camel Bak chest strap change?

Would like to switch the straps on my Camel Bak Chase bike vest around to the other way so I can run the tube on my left side to drink with my left hand. Can I just pull the strap off the little rails they run up and down? Don’t want to wreck it if thats not something that can be done.

You can definitively take it off without breaking it, I have done that. Haven’t tried putting it back on, so not sure if you’d run into any issues with that part.

Don’t do it. I learned the hard way. I thought I could get them back on, but couldn’t do it. I had to cut the very bottom of the sliding rail and slide them back on. I haven’t had them slide off of the bottom of rail. For me, the clips want to slide up. I still wish I would have left it alone and figured out some other method of keeping the drink tube in place.

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Good to know, this is why I asked.

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