How to get ride data from Favero Assioma pedals

I recently purchased a set of Assioma UNOs. They’re fully charged and sync’d to my Rouvy Workouts app. I do not use a cyclometer. Instead, I use my iPhone with the Rouvy Workouts app. (At least for now until my Garmin arrives.) What I’m struggling with is getting an actual data file after a ride using the UNOs. Where is the data file stored? How do you retrieve the data? Thank you to anyone who can assist here.

Refer to the address :

There are two ways you can get the raw data. One is to get your training file from the verified email Rouvy sends it to. The other one is to download your training file through social apps which have been sync with Rouvy, such as Strava, TrainingPeaks, etc.