How to get a Garmin 1040 Edge into Follow Mode with my Kickr

I’m new to using a Garmin Edge 1040 and am a bit confused by follow mode. With my Wahoo Roam it’s so simple to go right into follow mode and start recording. But with Garmin Edge 1040, how do you do it? I see only “Free Ride” as an option but the timer never increments… Nor does it offer to save it.



I’m not 100% sure what you are trying to achieve so I’ll make some assumptions anyway :slight_smile:

I’ll assume you are controlling your kickr via trainerroad and want to also record your ride on your 1040?

In that case if you have linked your kickr to your 1040 as a controllable trainer then you should be able to record power (and distance) from your kickr on your 1040.

You should select “free ride” and the data should be displayed as soon as you press start on the 1040.

It is possible to run into issues with deivices hogging bluetooth conennections though - what is your setup and other devices?

Yeah, I have a Kickr + Laptop + TrainerRoad. When I had selected free ride and paired the 1040 to the Kickr, the timer never incremented and when I quit, the 1040 didn’t offer to record anything.

I don’t have a 1040 - only a 830 - and they may be different.

But I’m pretty sure the timer would increment on my 830 under those conditions regardless of if a trainer was connected as soon as I pressed the go/record button.

If not sure if it would autostart or not.

If you have a connected trainer, my 1040 starts recording as soon as you press the start button. Press stop and it will ask if you want to save. Something sounds messed up in your sensor connections or maybe you didn’t press start?

Thanks all. I did a reset of my 1040. Updated the software. Re-assigned sensors. Will test again this evening and see if that fixes it.

I have a Garmin Edge 840 and a Wahoo KICKR Core, and I use TR and Zwift simultaneously.
What I understand when reading the Edge manual, smart trainer sensor is to control the trainer with Edge.
What I did is pair Wahoo Kickr as a Power sensor and all is functioning well.
I have the Garmin cadence sensor on my crank.

You can do that but the advantage of pairing as a trainer is it will give you (virtual) speed and distance as well as power.

But a perfectly fine option if you don’t care about those.

As a power sensor, I have virtual speed and distance.

That makes sense. So you don’t pair the smart trainer when doing a free ride that you want it to follow. Rather you pair the power sensor alone.

Exactly, as I do my workouts with TR, no need to pair Kickr as smart trainer.
At less, it’s I have understood…

That might be obvious, but…did you press start? (Bottom right button afaik)

Yes, Edge detect I begin to pedal, do a bip, but I have to press start