How to find ingredients for 2:1 ratio drink

Hi, I’m aware there are several posts regarding this subject but I’m a complete noob and I don’t know where to find the ingredients for the 2:1 mix that @Nate_Pearson recommended here How are people getting 100g+ carbs in a bottle?

I’m afraid if I look this up in google and buy the first thing I see I’m going to get something else. Also I’d appreciate if someone local (Netherlands) or from Europe can point in in the right direction.


I typed a few things into amazon and went with those. I looked at the ingredients a few times to check I was getting what I thought I wanted.

Bulk Powders has everything you want Not super cheap but nice quality and they often have 70% sale and free delivery.

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Bulk Powders for me too, had a 15kg parcel arrive of fructose and maltodextrin this week as there was a decent offer on, postman was happy about that.

Used to use Myprotein but they stopped selling fructose powder.

Also handy to buy one of the big screw top tubs to mix a big batch up in and the scoop that I got with an old bag conveniently weighs out 50g.