50# bag of maltodextrin?

I’m not opposed to continue to buy maltodextrin from amazon but the 50# bags from brewing supply stores would make it ridiculously cheap…anybody do this? Is it the same stuff? Am I going to get poisoned from roundup or anything untoward?

Thanks guys!



I have been making a mix for myself and a majority of my team-mates. I run out of Fructose long before I run out of Malo.

With that being said, I make roughly 16lbs of mix per month on average.

I find that the cheapest source for the material is found



I would be interested if anyone finds it cheaper - but to date thats the best I can find and then the malto comes with a pretty nice container that I can use.


This is what I currently have, well didn’t open it yet but bought last.

The price is terrible compared to the 50lbs I bought in 2014 for 61.48 shipped… I can’t find the same brand but its about 90 now with shipping/tax for 50lbs from a brewery supply store online. But great price for not having to invest in a several year supply.

Anything from a brewery supply store will be fine as noted above its all food safe and since its come up in the past… no one is spiking beer and cake supplies with stuff that will get you popped by wada.

My head just exploded trying to convert $/oz to €/kg but for whatever it is worth, I am using this Malto on Amazon.de which works out at 4.23€/kg, which is so cheap that I I didn’t bother looking any further. Fructose has become harder to get here and more expensive, not sure what happened.

What’s your mix recipe?

Same here. I went and immediately bought from the eBay link above. Thanks to @teddygram for sharing!

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The mix that is working for us is;

2lbs (907 grams) of Maltodextrin
1.6lbs (726 grams) of Fructose powder
20,000mg (20 grams) of sodium citrate
120g of Gatorade mix (flavor of your choice)

Then when mixing a bottle depending on condition, type of ride and athlete you used 50-100g of mix per bottle per hour. I personally train on 50g and race on 75-80g per hour.

Here’s the same brand of Malto but 12 pounds for only 5 more dollars.


i buy the now brand strictly for the containers for mixing but that is a good price for the same product for refills


I was looking at this…a little over 1$/#training

It’s a lot…I’m not sure I’ll have an easy place to store it…but it’s so cheap in bulk I might go for it.


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When I bought my 50lbs bag I got some food grade pales from home Depot I think, forget what they cost. Adds a little to the cost obviously but still cheap and you’ve got a supply for a while.

Find some friends to split it. Make sure you package it in clear baggies and only deal in cash in a public setting


I purchased a 50 lb bag of maltodextrin here about a year and a half ago. All good (except out of stock at the moment).

And, for what it’s worth, here is where I get fructose:

Anyone here try just plain sucrose instead of the malto/fructose mix? I’ve been doing that - main problem is the overly sweet taste. I’m not really pushing the carbs/hour generally, so the non-optimal glucose/fructose ratio is no an issue for me. Cost is way less than malto/fructose.
I’m also using gatorade powder for flavor.

I don’t get why people aren’t just using sucrose for the fructose and adding maltodextrine to get their desired glucose ratio. Seems like this would be much cheaper than buying fructose powder.


I just find that size bag insanely obnoxious to deal with. The powder def gets into the air as you close the bag each time. Also, the risk of spilling is pretty high!

I just buy this: https://amzn.to/3K0dSo2

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I’m officially buying into the fructose hate on the internet and trying to limit fructose and sucrose.


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For reference, even the 8lb container is a bit unweildy

Yeah the 12 pound bag I linked above is probably easier to store (especially if you are only using it for refills and not as your primary source). It’s taller but much narrower and easier to ‘tuck away’.

The big one goes on top of my laundry cabinet and the small one has pre made mix in it. They’re perfect mixing shakers.

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