How To Control You Body Temperature: Episode 19, Faster - Podcast by FLO

Really great coverage adding to what we know from the AACC related discussions.


I’ve been experimenting with some of these protocols that have been suggested by Chad on AACC (currently taking hot baths after indoor workouts since I don’t have access to a sauna) and while it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly how things have changed, I’ve seen a small but noticeable difference in my body’s ability to cool itself down.

For one, I’m sweating a lot quicker when I get into a workout. Usually by minute 5, rather than minute 10.

The other is that my HR is almost 5bpm lower for an equivalent effort level from two months ago. This one is a bit more difficult to quantify since it’s possible my FTP has gone up among other confounding variables (switching to rollers being the other one) but it was noticeably lower for sweetspot than what I’m used to.

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You rebel. Off topic, but how do you like them?

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