How to Beat Light Riders, Rest Day Cravings, Sauna Training & More – Ask a Cycling Coach 202

Hey @Ian could we get a link to the article chad refers to detailing caloric ins and outs of the team during a race week? Keen to see.

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Where can I find the race video of Jonathan’s crit win?

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Sauna training…welcome to my world. I live in Saudi Arabia directly on the coast. In the summer it’s 40C with 90% humidity even at 4 AM. Hence the TR subscription and indoor training. Opposite to the rest of the world I move inside in the summer. I still do some work outside to train for IM 70.3 and 140.6 but find I can only run for about 45 minutes. I can bike longer but I’m sure my intensity suffers.

One question, besides the obvious heat stress related issues is there a downside to training in this.

On a side note; it does make European IMs fun. A few years back I did IM Zurich in July. I had just come from complete training outside in this. Zurich was having a ‘heat wave’…I considered wearing arm warmers!!!


It’s not posted yet. But if you subscribe to the TrainerRoad YouTube channel, you will be notified when it and any other videos are posted.


@turmukhambetov I think I misunderstood your question. There’s plenty of other things you can do instead of deadlifts. For example, the Bulgarian split squat, also known as rear foot elevated split squat RFESS. There’s different variations of the split squat. Learn how to do glute bridges, lunges, side lunges…there are others.

Now, if you’re asking is there another exercise you can do that will stimulate muscle growth like a deadlift? No way. The deadlift, in my opinion, is the single best exercise for muscle development and growth. Back in my hey day, we’d do copious amounts of pull ups, push ups, and deadlifts until we couldn’t handle any more


Toxins: unfortunately some people don’t have the time to educate themselves on what’s science and what’s pseudoscience so I can’t blame people for regurgitating the bol**cks they’ve been told.

On this point can someone more learned than I please tackle Jonathan’s recommendation for homeopathy and dry needling?

I’ll see if I can find it for you!

Regarding the session on “Indoor training on a budget”…

I think the question was posed from a teenager on a budget. Food for thought: Zwift offers free subscriptions to kids under 16. My son (only 9 years old) equates “indoor training” with Zwift. In fact, he even calls it “Zwifting”. Why? Because I set him up with a speed sensor on my old fluid trainer and signed him up for a free subscription… He’s not actually training to be a faster cyclist yet, but consider the business value that Zwift got by implanting their brand in his mind?


There is an open feature request along the lines of this comment.


Hey Ian thanks for a perfect YouTube livecast this week, both audio and video were top-notch!


Who is the youtuber who posts individual workouts? I build my workouts based a playlist of single workouts, so if there is a better source that would be great.

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Specific to strengthening the posterior chain (as the deadlift does), kettlebell swings of different types are a pretty good, low weight, low-ish risk option. I have SI joint laxity which runs in my family, and some of the worst pain I can be in comes when my SI slips. The first time this happened, I was coming back to off-season strength training and I was deadlifting 185lbs (my max was 405 for reference), and I tweaked it. I’ve not deadlifted since, nor will I probably ever deadlift again (age 42).

BUT, I’ve found I can work a lot of the same muscles with various types of kettlebell swings without SI issues. Not the same raw weight stimulus, but it’s something. Between KBS and bulgarian split squats, that’s my leg regimen these days.

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There are also rack pulls, Romanian deadlifts, and single-leg RDLs.

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@kurt.braeckel brother, sorry to hear about your injury. I think deadlifts are great, but never again for me, unfortunately. I will try the kettlebell swing


Here is the article they were referencing:


This is the guy mentioned on the podcast:

Another channel I’ve bookmarked:

My preference is videos from Jeff Cavaliere:

because Jeff explains the science, physiology, and reasoning behind the movements and importance of good form.


Glad to hear it @bbarrera! I think we got all of the kinks ironed out with the new setup! :raised_hands:


How heavy riders can beat light riders. How about the reverse?? Most rides don’t have large climbs around me since i’m in the mid west. Heavy riders, with larger FTPs, always seem to have the advantage! rant done :upside_down_face:


Hide behind them, make them do all the work, then beat them while you’re fresh and get as small as you can so they get crap for a draft?


He has a channel outlining a lot of the exercises for cycling specific work

Also LOLOL at describing ways to drop the stepson during the “race/gran fondo”. As an FYI this is the event he’s referring to