How to add other event like half Marathon, duathlon to calendar and training plan?

I need some help on setting up my calendar and training plans. I have target a 70.3 ironman in August but along the way, i do have some other event plan out like a Duathlon race in April, half-marathon in May, full distance triathlon in June. I am able to add the trathlon event (B event) and the 70.3 as my A.

How do i add the other events into my calendar so the training plan can work around those events?

Thanks for the help

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Hey there!

When the Plan Builder builds out a training plan, it optimizes your schedule around one objective: your A race. In other words, the training that you will complete does not change for B and C races, but rather, they are just worked into your regular schedule.

For B Races, a race opener is added the day before the event, the planned workout is dropped and replaced with your B race, and any workout the day after is dropped to allow you to recover.

For C races, the C race replaces the planned workout on that date, and everything else remains the same.

Sadly, we do not currently have a way to add duathlon or running events into the Calendar as official “Events,” however, this is something that we are looking to develop in the future. In the meantime, your best option will be to add these events as “Other Workouts”, and make the appropriate adjustments to your plan manually based on the logic I’ve outlined above.

Let me know if you have any further questions!

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This is super frustrating. We used to be able to add “Other Activities” and specify them as A, B, or C races, and they would show up clearly on our calendar as such. Apparently, with Plan Builder this went away. While I can understand technically why that approach might not work well with Plan Builder’s automatic functionality, those of us who are triathletes do many different kinds of races, not just cycling or triathlon races. We also do running races, swimming races, swim-run races, duathlons, etc. I used to be able to build out my season with these races denoted properly (mostly B and C races). Now I can’t.

With the podcast crew planning to do a triathlon together, I feel like TR should get that functionality added back in, even if it has to be separated from the Plan Builder functionally. I imagine as they get closer to their triathlon, they’ll probably want to at least do some running races in the lead-up to the big day, if not some swimming races or duathlons also.

The removal of our ability to add other types of races to our calendars is a big step backward in the usefulness of the calendar for triathletes. It makes the calendar more difficult for us to quickly see where our races are and plan/adjust training accordingly.

Please please please make it a priority to add back in that functionality!


I’m pretty sure you can still do exactly what you want, @jzsouthern. Is it that they aren’t clearly showing up as races? I add all the other races I do (XC ski, Skimo, running) to the calendar no problem, it’s just that plan builder doesn’t take them into account. Easy enough for me to change up my calendar manually to work around them…

I can add Other Activities still, just not designate them as races. I’ve been doing that, but it’s frustrating that they aren’t marked as races anymore, so when I’m quickly scrolling through (past or future), I can’t quickly find my races.

I’ve been told by support that the app version of Calendar still has that function, but the online / browser-based version (which is the latest version and what the app will move to eventually) does not. So it’s going away on the app soon too.