How soon to start build if I'm ramping base stress faster than prescribed?

TR has me ramping my 6 week avg stress to 90 by the end of SSB2HV. In SSB1HV, I was able to ramp my 6 week avg stress rapidly to 60-70 by riding outdoors for extended periods. Even as I hit extreme negative training stress balances, it all felt sustainable and I recovered well. If I continue riding outdoors, I should hit the TR prescribed high 6 week avg in just a couple weeks.

So if I’m hitting that prescribed high 6 week average of 90 faster, does that mean I can start build earlier?

If I’m understanding right, the point of base is to get the body used to stress so it can handle build periods. So if my body is already handling that prescribed amount of stress, I should be able to just start the building instead of fooling around with more base that I don’t necessarily need?

Assuming too much probably, and speaking from my own experience since only April on TR, during base, for me there was a lot more going on than what was measurable. I learned to pedal more efficiently with the many form exercises, to get more aero and low (which honestly has had more effect on my overall speed than anything, and I am now comfortable doing a century with slammed stem and 130 mm -17 deg), learned how to breathe with abdomen which has resulted in faster recovery and lower hr, my LR pedaling balance is 3% better, etc…I did not gain any ftp, but got much faster and my friends remarked on it. My local benchmark loop is 20 miles 2000 foot climb and my ave speed record went from 17.8 mph to 19.1 mph. In the build phase, I saw 12 watts ftp increase in first 4 weeks. Anyhow, I’d say that unless you have time pressures or really feel there is no improvement in technique to make (which is a lot easier to focus on during base, than when you are just trying to hang on in build), I’d enjoy the ride…and squeeze everything you can from base phase.

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The point of base is to lay down the aerobic foundations to allow higher intensity work (and therefore fitness increases) to be done effectively. You could call it stress but its not stress in regards to TSS. TSS in build is only a bit higher than base. But Base is preparing you for the intensity, not the extra stress

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I made this analogy in another thread …

Think of the three phases (base, build, speciality) in terms of building a house.

Base is your foundations, you need to get these right before you continue.

Build is your superstructure. You can’t build a quality superstructure without good foundations. Castles built on sand and all that.

Speciality is the decorating and fitting out. A good superstructure means the decor and fittings can do their job. You can’t mask a shoddy superstructure with a lick of paint.

Don’t rush things. Generally with fitness the longer you take to get to a level then the longer it lasts and will handle short interruptions for holiday or illness. Build too quickly and the fitness is “brittle” and you’ll lose it quickly as well. Getting fit is a marathon rather than a sprint.

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