How "New" is Rundle?

Is Rundle a new workout in the library? I saw it just a few days ago and finally had a chance to ride it this morning. What a great one! 33 VO2 max intervals at 115% with ‘just enough’ rest to keep it survivable for the senior TR users like me (50+). I did about 20 minutes of Laurel as a warmup beforehand, just to make sure I was ready.

It would be swell if TR workouts in the catalog had a “creation date” field, so we knew how recently they were added. Sure, I sort the catalog by newest first, but still it might be nice to know how recently a workout was published.

Either way, a fun one for sure. Kudos!


Given there have only been a handful of rides since late January 2019 it looks new.
Kudos to @chad to see he’s now going after Canadian mountains for workout names

Good find, it looks like good one!

Brand spankin’ new, @RONDAL. I just plunked that in a couple weeks ago, or so. And I’m always in need of mountain/hill/climbs names, so if you notice any holes in my geographic coverage, feel free to email suggestions to me!


That looks solid. It’s going in my calendar for sure. Just gotta figure out where… :thinking:

Would be interesting to bookend say a 4-5 week training block with Rundle at the start and something like Cloud Rest at the end…just to gauge improvement.

@chad I’ll have to send you a mountain book for the Canadian Rockies, no shortage of greatness there.

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… Saleve. An oddball of a mountain just on the edge of Geneva Switzerland.

@chad - I really enjoyed Rundle. My rides are marked ‘private’, but I assume the TR team can dig through that stuff anyway and see my numbers/data

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Here in the Bay Area we have Mt. Diablo so Diablo would be a good name for one of your more devilish workouts. :imp:

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Good one! How have I not used that yet!?

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Wintergreen Mountain here in Va!

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Or Kanchenjunga. A famous peak in the Himalayas (on the indian side).

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I reckon these might be doable at 120% - worth making a +1?

I made this one based on something Cannondale’s coach said in a GCN interview…

Right next-door to Rundle…Mt. Norquay – ~6km long @~6%.

Not the steepest but fond memories.
It was my first year racing and the last regional championship race of the season.
I had never climbed a proper mountain and had no idea what lay before me. I just went all out.
(No, it didn’t take 43 Google minutes to climb.)

Finished 2nd by 3 seconds. Was super happy and also super P.O.ed. THREE SECONDS!!
Years later I learned the dude who beat me would later go on to race in the Olympics as a speed skater.
So, not that bad of a loss! :grin:



@chad how about Rainier? It’s one of the highest peaks in North America (especially if you exclude all the ones in Alaska)

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More in the Cascades not in TR, to name a few off the top of my head… Hood, St Helens, McLoughlin, and Lassen. And a few ski areas: Mt Bachelor, Mt Ashland, and Crystal.

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So good, Everyone! Keep 'em coming!

@chad If and when you start to dabble in some European names would absolutely love to see Königstuhl (could simply write it Konigstuhl). It means “Kings Chair” and is a testing local climb here where I live.

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Mt Umunhum was reopened last year in the South Bay. I haven’t ridden it, but hear it’s a good challenge. The name is fun to play around with, especially with the Strava ride titles.

Mt Tamalpais and Mt Hamilton are also local “hills”