How much time at each Intensity per week?

I’ve been reading a lot about how to add structure to your training and one of the things mentioned all the time is to get about 2-3 “Interval sessions” in every week aside from your rest week (in a 4-week training block).

From my understanding, the reason interval training exists is that it is bloody hard to hold power at high intensities for a large amount of time, so this time at intensity is broken up into easier to manage chunks called intervals. Nevertheless, the goal remains the same, commit enough time at intensity each week coupled with adequate rest provides the equation “training stimulus + recovery = adaptation”.

Each of the interval sessions I’ve looked at aims for a certain amount of “threshold work” or “Vo2 Max work” measured in time. is there a model which states the number of minutes at each intensity someone should be doing each week?

I’m guessing Trainer Road uses a model like this to both calculate intensity through a period and use it to increase intensity near your training goals, but where do the numbers come from?


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