Anyone have that chart of different intensity zones and their purpose?

I remember seeing it but for the life of me I can’t find it and google is useless for it.
It’s a chart showing different zones and which leads to more mitochondrial buildups and which has more vascular build etc.

Appreciate it.

Scroll through that thread


Note: I’m just and enthusiast, not a coach. This is just stuff I learned from others.

At the risk of giving you something out of context, this is the closest thing I’ve seen that describes zones relative to output levels. It does not describe how to use zone training to develop skills, because it’s not that simple. We only have so much time to train, so our training has to be designed to creat the right stresses in the right order to give us a blend of physiological fitness to help us ride better.

Modern training plans are intended to create training stress to develop across many aspects of riding. Base, strength, VO2, etc. if you do it the olde way, you would need to ride around in zone 1 and 2 for 3-6 months to build base for 6+ hours at a time. Now we do ‘just in time’ base building as a front end component based on our available training blocks. We start out moderate and then shift to Sweet Spot to gain broader benefits quickly.

In some cases like VO2 training it seems less variable; to build VO2 you need train righ on the edge of VO2 interval but not stray into Neuromuscular (anaerobic) or you defeat the intent.

I find Trainer Road plans work for me, but I’m a weekend warrior mountain biker and I don’t have race goals. To maximize training, you need a coach. One who owns good testing equipment. (Not just training peaks).


More (good) theory:


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