How many good bibs do (should?) you have?

Ok…maybe this is like asking how long is a piece of string and I’m expecting someone to say “it depends” :rofl: There are still some good sales out there, so I’ve been thinking about stocking up on bibs but wanted to get some opinions before I don’t have room in my drawers for regular clothes.

I ride 10-12 hrs per week over 5 or 6 sessions typically. I’ve made it though the year with 2 good bibs (washing after every ride of course!) I figure more bibs mean fewer washes so they last longer, but obviously that’s more money invested in lycra. I have no idea how long my current 2 pairs of Pactimo bibs will be good for…they’re a year old and still comfy and obviously no one wants to be the one with see thru bibs on the group ride :face_with_peeking_eye:

I have about 10 pairs of good bibs, they last about 2 years. I ride 5-6 times a week, I notice after a few years the pad starts to compress and it causes more hot spots then a new pair of bibs. I am 200lbs


I have 4 giro base liner padded shorts for indoors, not the best padding but I usually don’t spend more than 90 mins inside. Then I have 8-10 kits for riding outside and I feel like I don’t have enough :joy: I also have 2 insulated bibs for colder days. It does get expensive and some of my kits are like 6-7 years old, so I guess yes having more means they will last longer.
I always buy things on sale so I never pay full price, that’s my only “secret”.


Think I have eight.

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Ride 5 times a week and have 5 good bibs. Three Assos GT Miles, a team bib (not sure what brand) and a Siroko SRX bib. Those Assos bibs are still top notch. Some wear on the padding for sure but still very comfortable on long (indoor) rides, even after about two years. Had the Siroko bib for about1,5 years now and that one is about done. The team bib i have about a year and also still feels good.

But for a long time i had about three that i would use and that was enough to be fair. Just have to make sure you wash them in time for your next ride.


I have about 10 in circulation at any one time. I ride every day, about 500 hours/year total. I am fairly lucky in that my saddle/arse combo is good enough that I can wear relatively cheap bibs without comfort issues, but they don’t look or feel as nice. So I typically buy (and retire) a couple of pairs each year. Newish good quality bibs get saved for group rides, long rides and races. Cheaper and/or somewhat worn bibs get used on solo rides and commutes. Bibs that are starting to get transparent or falling apart a bit but the chamois is still fine get used on the trainer.


Enough pairs to fill a full load in the washing machine.


I have 6 pairs and ride 4x a week. I generally buy 1, maybe 2, new pairs each year.


I have 4 pairs. I found over the years that I could in a pinch do with 2 if I had to.
My normal routine is to take the bibs and jersey with me to the shower after the ride and wash it there. I wring it out and hang on the shower and by next morning they’re usually dry and ready to wear again if I have to.
This method has served me well over the years as I noticed that if you don’t wash your kit right away the same day, then the stink tends to settle into these lycra materials very quickly and you can never get rid of it going forward.

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More bibs more better, IMHO. I buy 2-3 pair each year, add to the collection, and rotate them until they get loose/see through. At any time, I have 8-10 bibs in good shape ready to go.

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I have a couple suits, five bibs I like for all day riding, and a few that are only acceptable on short days. Then three different options for winter.

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I never really thought about it but I think, Ive got currently 5 bib shorts and 6 bib longs I’ll wear out door and about 10 or so bib marked (no pun intended) bib shorts for indoors (although at the moment I tend to be only using 1 per workout and I’m on a LV plan and swapping the endurance ride for the commute). Lol, Ive also a couple of pairs of bibshorts which are a bit thread bare (not exactly good) that’ll I’ll wear with a pair of strapless shorts for gravelling/ exploring over grown trails

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I think I have:

  • 4 pairs of nice bibs (mostly Rapha cargo and brevet)
  • 2 pairs old team bibs (older but only used for races and events)
  • 2 pairs of random older bibs of lesser quality
  • Plus an assortment of wind-block and thermal bibs/knickers

The random older bibs are fine for my usual weeknight rides. I keep the nice pairs for longer weekend rides. The 4 Rapha pairs are all <1 season old, so I’ll probably purge the older pairs this winter, and buy at least one new pair of team bibs, leaving around 6 pairs for use over my typical 5x weekly rides.

I e collected 5+ bib tights for winter, and 5+ bibs for summer. Every year now I add a new summer & winter.

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2 really good pairs that I use for long rides 4+ hours
4 everyday pair for less than 4 hours
several old bibs for 60 minute indoor workouts
sometimes I just ride in my boxer briefs if its a just a 60 minute endurance or recovery ride. Undercarriage doesn’t seem to mind.

But I would say 3 plus good bibs if you don’t have much in your rotation.

Holy moly! I wouldn’t even think that’s possible. I probably have way too many. And to make matters worse, I picked up 8 new pairs over Black Friday. I stock up for the winter and keep some set aside to have new bibs in the spring. But all together now, probably 15 pairs at least.

Off the top of my head:
Specific type of riding:

  • 3 thermal shorts
  • 1 full length thermals
  • 3 skin suits (road skin suits)
  • 1 full length summer thickness bibs

Summer bibs (*new Black Friday purchases)

  • 1 Specialized SL (highlighter yellow)
  • 1 Specialized SL Race (my favorite)
  • 1 LeCol Aero
  • 2 Attaquer Race (red & green)*
  • 1 Specialized Prime (green)
  • 2 Eliel Laguna Seca (Navy)*
  • 1 Eliel Soledad (navy)*
  • 2 Rion AliExpress (black)*
  • 1 Sportful (probably throw away soon)
  • 1 NeoPro*
  • 3 LaPassione Navy
  • 1 LaPassione green
  • 1 LaPassione black
  • 1 Pactimo Flight (black)
  • 1 Pactimo blue (Raptor I think?)
  • 2 Pactimo black

Holy crap I have too many. I need to throw some away but I actually have worn every set this year at various points. Some are hideous colors that I only wear indoors. The green, navy, and red are all fairly new as I was experimenting with colors. The skin suits get worn for races. Thermals for the cold obviously. And some of these listed are still in the packaging that I won’t open until spring. The deals were too good to pass up. A couple others were experiments (NeoPro-terrible, Rion-pleasantly surprised with quality).

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No baggies? :laughing:

I’ve been doing this as well. Not to save the bibs, but the idea to keep them a full week (or a couple of days) completely sweat waiting to be washed doesn’t sounds great for me. It’s a perfect paradise for bacteria

I hop in the shower full kit on, quick rinse, then hang dry on the shower head. The next day I throw them in the laundry basket.

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How many good bibs do you have?

Too many and also not enough.

It be like that. :man_shrugging:t2: