Bib - How Often Do You Replace?

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Ok – I’m somewhat sure that my bike fit is causing issues (despite having a bike fit a few months ago), particularly saddle. First, I want to rule out bibs. How often are you replacing?

So I’ve been following mid volume plans, but for last ~6 weeks, I just pick workouts at random (yea I know, not structured – I’m starting a new plan this week!). Basically, I’m on the trainer 5-7 days a week for 1 - 1.5 hours at a time. I’ve been rotating between 3 pairs of bibs for around 30 weeks or so. Gentle machine wash, lowest RPM, lowest temperature and hung up inside to dry.

Any thoughts how long I should be getting out of a reasonable quality pair of bibs? Endurance Anatomic chamois, I believe. Given bibs seem to degrade slowly over time, I find it difficult to know when they should be replaced. I have other bibs to compare to that don’t get much use, but different chamois etc makes the comparison difficult.

There are a few black Friday sales still happening, so I’m tempted to pick up a few more pairs to rotate between, but I also don’t want to throw out good pairs! Any recommendations for good bibs, or even chamois that’s suited to indoors on the trainer would also be good!


It’s good you have a rotation of bibs and your laundering care is also good. Even so, durability and longevity are unique to usage. Regularly check the wear/firmness/degradation of chamois and compare with new shorts when you’re in your LBS. Of course, if you’re experiencing an increase in discomfort, examine and replace if necessary. Bib and chamois choice is up to the individual and specific purpose, time in saddle, etc.

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I would ask you mentioned saddle in your last fit. Did you change it or reposition it? Have you lost weight?
Finally what kind of discomfort are you experiencing.


What kind of “Bike fit” did you have?

And bibs, the more you have the better off you are!! I’m really partial to my Pactimo bibs, just the way they fit and feel.

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Thanks for the responses. The main discomfort seems to be sit bones (possibly?) not anchored properly. More adjustments to my bike fit may help, or I may need a wider, flatter saddle – I’m not sure.

Even when I try and make a conscious efforts to anchor my sit bones (as per workout text), I still feel a bit uncomfortable, and it seems like my pelvis rolls forward fairly quickly and there’s pressure on my perineum. 90mm stem, saddle is little over half way back on the rails.

The fitter didn’t think my saddle should be too much further forward due to where my knees were in relation to the pedal spindle.

I almost exclusively use the tops indoors, and rarely hoods or drops… keeping in mind my bike is an endurance road bike (Giant Defy)… Possibly an indicator of flexibility issues, incorrect reach or other fit issues I’m guessing.

The bike fit was the 3DMA system, done by a physiotherapist. I will say though, a bit disappointed with it – the fit was a few months ago now, and I don’t feel like it helped much at all. After listening to the podcast, next time I’ll try a dynamic fitting system like GURU or similar.

As a silly tangent, I actually started writing my own .NET app with motion tracking similar to Kinovea to try my own basic bike fitting.

I will admit, part of my issues may also be related to flexibility and lack of core strength.

Try split-nose saddle before this develops into a more serious problem.


Primal Qx5 and helix 2.0 bibs - good stuff. Rotate between 5 or 7 pairs.

First off in my opinion there is a difference riding indoors and outdoors. When I ride outdoors there is a tendency to shift in the saddle more due to terrain and there are more stops or slow downs with traffic. Indoors it is a steady “terrain” and there is no natural movements needed. I find that I have to shift consciously and stand briefly more frequently to compensate. Just my 2 cents.

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Hi all,

The podcast is brilliant and keeps me thoroughly entertained and intrigued with topics that I may have considered and new things that help me to understand my body, mind and cycling better. 5* each week. Love the variety too.

Riding all my life but longer distances since training and racing and podiuming at endurance XC stuff this year. However, after two races I have come away with serious saddle rub, not on the underside but on the rear (kind of where you expect the chamois to meet the shorts).

So, how often do you replace a pair of padded shorts/bibs/leggings. Is it a distance, time in saddle, feeling thing?

I don’t have the resources to replace too regularly but equally understand the importance.

Any top tips of great value, comfortable padded shorts?

Additionally, I tried to be environmentally friendly buying a material without any woven plastic/elastic etc but they do not stretch at all when the legs get pumped and cause serious restriction in pedalling once blood is flowing so any environmental options people have tried that work?

Thank you in advance for your responses,

just whenever they feel too used, have lost their shape, or something just doesn’t seem right.

if you’re considering it, do it, it’s time