Changing bib/kit on long indoor rides

It’s the depth of winter here, multiple feet of snow outside, and oh yeah, that other thing too, so the long trainer rides (4-5 hours+) are upon us (me). Winter is coming, indeed.

I see this tactic mentioned in other threads but I was hoping for some focused anecdotes from those who change their bib/kit during the long (2+ hour? More?) trainer rides. Why did you start doing it? What benefit specifically did it bring? Does the benefit decay with each new pair? If you wait too long does it negate the benefit? Do you pre-grease the new shorts? Grease upon donning them?

This is not a rocker plate thread, or a “I only ride quality, never quantity inside” thread :slight_smile:, or a “get a new saddle thread”, please. Just tell me everything you can about the benefits, and strategy, of using multiple kits in a ride.


Yeah, this is similar to my strategy to make indoor rides over 2h easier on the mind and body. Take a break to stretch out every hour, fill water bottles, use the bathroom, etc. This also gives you something to “count down to”, rather than just the end of the ride.
Also if it’s 4h or more, a quick shower at halfway is extremely refreshing. Just make sure you have an extra of everything laid out - bibs, HRM strap, socks, etc. Or if you only have the one HRM strap, wear it in the shower with you so it gets a bit of a rinse - I didn’t think of this the first time I stopped for a mid-way shower, and putting back on a sweaty HRM strap felt a bit gross lol.

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Never changed my bibs on the trainer. But I definitely get the “wet diaper” kinda feel right around 90 mins. Also the scary beginnings of saddle sores after long workouts back-to-back. So can see the benefit of hopping into a fresh pair for say >2.5h workouts.

Thanks for the input… I may just run an experiment this weekend and see if I notice a big difference. Have 4.5 hours in the plan so maybe kit change at 2 or 2.5 hours.

I just setup a vornado fan aimed at my saddle. Keeps everything nice and dry with the cooling and airflow similar to outside

Makes me wonder should you even ride over 3 hours indoors :sweat_smile:

I get these same issues and hotspots in my feet around 3 hour mark.

I never go above 2 hours :joy: precisely because of all of this. Plus it gets kinda boring :sweat_smile:

I like doing it for big rides like centuries. It makes a huge difference in how you feel and it’s instantaneous. It may not last forever, but it’s a good boost to get to the end.