How important is the Opening up/day before Workout for an Ironman?

So I am doing IM Full Distance plan. Low Volume. Your plans have an Opening up workout the day before. For me it Truuli-2 for 20-30 minutes. Traditionally I just take that day off completely. Is it better to do this workout? For those who have done the workout vs not done the workout before an Ironman have you noticed a difference on race day?

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This isn’t the answer you’re looking for, but I’d say that it’s certainly much less important than the weeks and weeks of workouts that precede it.

I think it’s mostly to try and shed the feeling of being tight and wound up that comes with the taper – if you normally full rest the day before, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with continuing to do that.

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most often for IM I’m traveling to the race location at least a couple days ahead of time so the day before getting out for a short ride gets rid of some of the travel fatigue. It also serves to make sure I my bike is working okay. For me, I would do that workout outside.


Honestly, I don’t know how you would tell if it had helped or hindered your fitness. You’re better off relying on science / @chad at this stage because there are too many factors during Ironman for you to be able to distinguish on the day. On balance I’d say it’s probably good for you;

  • Relieves some prerace / travel tension
  • Reassures you that your legs haven’t broken in transit
    And most importantly,
  • Checks your bike is working properly before you check it in to T1

I’ve done the TR session, I’ve done an outdoor ride, and I’ve done nothing on The Day Before, and no I couldn’t say I noticed any difference.

You do see an awful lot of guys and gals running and riding much further than they need to on The Day Before, those people would definitely be better off doing Truuli.


Physically it won’t make any difference either way. Its almost entirely mental. Not to discount that though. Do what is going to help your head. I lean towards doing an easy race day eve ride but because it calms me down, not because I see any real physical benefit from it.

Another big factor to consider is what are you going to do if you don’t ride your ride? If you’re traveling with family or friends, a “must do” easy ride can get you out of an hour or two walking around or doing other tiring things like getting sucked into someone else’s pre race workout so consider that angle too.

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It’s really an individual thing and as much psychological as physical. I generally don’t take any days off training… but the one day I have never done any training is as you have done, on the day before an IM distance race. You’ll get plenty of exercise on race day and the day before is the one day I try to spend as little time on my feet as possible.

Others may do differently and if it works for them, great.



Ah yes, that reminds me…Scuba diving followed by an evening boat trip sounds fun and relaxing but in freezing winds its not ideal and interferes with a proper dinner!

100% personal preference. If you have time, do it. If it’s going to be a hassle with travel and reg, skip it.

Try both ways and you’ll find what is best for you.

I don’t do it. I push it up a day and leave the day before open. Like others say it likely doesn’t matter unless you are carrying fatigue and not really recovering. I like to watch see my tsb up a touch on race morning. It feels mentally refreshing.