How effective is my workout?


After having completed a workout, I want to see how good I did compared to target, per interval, and also I wanna see when intervals repeat (Ritter at which interval I started slacking…

At this moment I have to eyeball it. I’d prefer more information, possibly a score so I can compare multiple workouts (same workout, same zone, time, etc.).


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Just open up the workout in TR on either the app or the website (link at the top right of this screen) and it will show how you did against target on every interval.


I can understand the original Post!

For a total Newbie, Like me, all the Score etc. Are a little bit overwhelming sometimes.
Easier, understandable explanation are always welcome.
Greets from Austria!

I look at the IF and TSS. If they are within .1 of the target for IF and 1 of the target with TSS, I feel like I nailed it.

To be honest, after training a while…you know if you’ve nailed it or not!

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We’ll have some features in places soon to help with this! :shushing_face:


:grinning: yeah I know, just feel my legs… but I wanna see/measure improvement over time. So a number is better…