Workout PR function

Hi there, not sure if this has been posted (I couldn’t find it with my search), but I think it would be valuable if there was the ability for the software to calculate if a user scored a PR for a workout compared against all other workouts of the same type that they have completed. E.g. if I just completed Baxter, and have ridden Baxter before, I want to know that this was the best Baxter performance that I have done. This can be based on criteria that the user selects to use for comparison eg. TSS, NP, HR etc. based on their selection, the app could ‘rank’ all their Baxter rides and indicate how well they are progressing.

I think this would challenging people to do better each time they perform a workout, much like a segment on Strava. In the long term, the TrainerRoad app would then be able to display in-ride PR targets that a user could ride against.

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Not sure how you would measure/rate a workout as better… When your FTP is higher and you “nail” the workout (as I understand nailing it means you hit your targets with precision). You will score bigger power numbers. When your recently increased your FTP, you might score a higher/worse HR (which is to variable anyway…).

I get the idea… but the only valuable measurement would be something like power target compliance.

It would be the best Baxter you’d ever done if you’d had an FTP bump since the last Baxter. It would be the best Baxter you’d ever done if you completed it rather than bailing early.

Regular FTP tests help you monitor progress and will account for the changes in NP and HR that you suggest. I don’t see much value on ranking workout performances.

There is great value in repeating the same interval sets (or whole workouts) and comparing them over time. It is hard to pinpoint a universal metric or metrics one could use to come up with a “PR” workout performance but i guarantee you that if you take two runs at the same intervals or workouts at different times an look at them side by side you will see interesting things.

One hidden curse of erg mode is you lose most of the variability so while this works it works better with outdoor workouts. With erg mode, assuming you are not changing the targets, you’re pretty much only left with your RPE comments in your notes but that is still valuable. You may have hit the same targets but if one was easy and the other hard that tells you something valuable.

Actually, one of the things I don’t like about TR is there is such an emphasis on making the workouts all slightly different to protect the weak from boredom that it makes this kind of hard to do within a season. Its hard to find exact matches where you can compare apples to apples.

From the workout page in the browser, you can scroll down and click ‘My Workouts’ and it will show you, chronologically, the times you’ve done specific workouts. Might give you the info you’re looking for.

Exactly!! I generally choose a series of workouts and cycle through them over a period of 2-3 weeks. I’m not really interested in doing different workouts all the time to save me from boredom, and I also do my workouts on a wattbike (no ERG mode). I understand that a bump in FTP means that I did better but until my next FTP test (and therefore hopefully higher FTP in my profile), I would like to compare my workouts over the past few weeks. When I say compare, I mean the ability to select some metrics an they get pushed into an algorithm that can tell an athlete if they’ve just performed a workout/segment etc. better than before. and by ‘better’ I don’t just mean power numbers, I mean all round performance.
For example, Strava uses your time between point A & point B, but doesn’t take into account your HR, how far you’ve ridden before you took on that segment etc. so you can’t really tell if you were ‘better’ at that segment than the previous time you tried it. You may have been fresher (earlier in your ride), your HR my have been through the roof (pushing yourself much harder than the last time), so in that example, you haven’t become a stronger athlete, you just smashed out 1 hard effort and outsmarted Strava…