How does TR calculate other activities such as hiking with a HR monitor?

I am thinking of buying the Garmin Forerunner 35 to track my hikes with heart rate. I notice that if I choose any activity other than cycling in STRAVA, TR does not include/display such activities in my calendar–am I missing a step? Is there a way to have TR add these activities automatically instead of manually adding them in my calendar upon completion?

TR does not import any “non-cycling” activity. It also does nothing with HR data in any way, other than report it in any imported bike workout. No calculations in the app are performed from HR data.

  • Nope, they must be added manually.
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Its definitely on our roadmap to sync with devices to support run (and in your case, hike!) activities! Just finishing up some higher priority fixes and releases first. Thanks for the patience! :v:


Wonderful. I look forward to the software updates

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+1 for this, I do a lot of activities for fun during the winter that could count as cross training. Skiing, ski touring, running, walking etc. I tend to log these on Garmin connect as a general tracker, it would be great if they were auto-synced into the TR calendar and accumulated TSS taken account of.

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