How do I post the picture of the workout I have just done?


Forgive me if this has been asked before, but searches don’t tell me how to do this.

If I click on career, I see the TR rides that I have done.

How do I share the image/picture of a ride I have completed that shows all the details that are visible on screen when looking in career.

In other words, I want to take a picture of the part of the screen that shows my ride.

Do I have to use a separate screen capture tool such as snipit etc or is this functionality available in TR. It is just the picture I want to share, not all the various narrative regarding zones etc.


What platform, Iphone, Mac, etc?

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Sorry, I didn’t realize that data was needed.

I’m mainly using a PC - Windows 7 (64bit)

Occasionally, I use an Android smartphone Samsung S8.

Just use the snip tool, save it and upload in your post. Use the upload icon.



I was hoping there was a TrainerRoad facility to do this.

Thanks for your reply.