How to download a completed workout onto a forum post?

Hey all,
Help needed!
I tried to download a workout I did onto a Forum post (eg. “what workout did you do today?”)
I seemed to manage it once, but it showed as a link, not a copy of the workout ,as in other posts.
Next time I tried it didn’t work at all. I also tried copying and pasting , downloading it ,then uploading it. I could try some more stuff, but would rather be training :rofl:

Many of us do it as a screenshot, and if on a computer, you simply paste it into the editing box.

What computer or phone or tablet are you using?


I use that little arrow in the middle of the screen WW showed to upload screenshots

So do i have to take a screen shot of the workout ? and paste it? could do it on phone but don’t know how to on a computer (I can google it) I think i used the upload button before

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On Windows or MacBook or Linux, you can take a screenshot and then paste into the editing box. It takes about 2-3 seconds total time. Super easy once someone shows you how to do it.

On my iPhone I take a screenshot and then use the upload button to select it from my photo album.

I don’t have Android.

The ‘snipping tool’ on a pc is fairly simple but I do prefer to take a screenshot on my phone as it’s much faster :+1:

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I have windows Laptop, and Android phone. I would do it the same way as you explain.
Thanks very much !

I find phones easier for most things! And faster. The time it takes to load TR on the Laptop is ridiculous, but I like the larger screen for training



LOL, well I sit in front of a laptop all day and can hammer out 80-120wpm so most things are faster on the laptop because of the keyboard and trackpad. Although some things are faster or better on mobile, like taking pics.

and congrats on pasting the pic!!!

I saved screenshot into Dropbox on Android, then uploaded it into editing box on TR app on phone, and bless my giddy aunt it’s popped up here! Phone is paired with computer which also has dropbox.
So thankyou all for your help :smiley:

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For Mac (I’m on 10.10 Yosemite) use Shift +Cmd+4 then drag the cursor over the bit of the screen you want to grab. It’s saved to the desktop, drag it into your post on here and… that’s it!

You might want to delete the file from the desktop otherwise it will get a bit cluttered.

Because I’m always pasting screenshots into documents, wikis, and forums, I swapped the keyboard shortcuts:

  • Shift + Cmd + 4 = copy to clipboard
  • Ctrl + Shift + Cmd + 4 = save to file

Because I almost NEVER want to save to file, and its so much easy to Shift + Cmd + 4 than to do that along with option key.

Ta, hadn’t realised it was configurable. Now done the same.