How do I improve short power?

My pover profile is very lopsided: Graph Only

It’s reflected in my difficulty to complete the Sprint/Anaerobic intervals in the workouts.

How can I remedy this and improve my sprinting ability? (I realize I’ll never become a sprinter. I would just like to be a little more “balanced”.)
Anybody successfully managed to do that? Is a Sprinting Plan the answer?

The 5/60 second efforts, have you actually tested for these - or just pulled from the data? May not reflect your actual abilities…?

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I have tested it outdoors (it’s impossible for me to push as hard on the trainer) and the blue line is a year worth of data.

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Is this just a profile of your TR rides and do you solely use ERG mode?

It’s a mix of TR and outside rides (all highs under 60 seconds are outside). I use ERG more on the trainer.

Maybe this will help you:
It is not 9nly about WKO rather than training short power.

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do you train 90s-3m at all?


Very useful. Thank you!