How do i beat my friend on 2 days with 100km "race" in Harzen - 1 month!

Hi guys,

I am in serious trouble!

Ive done some decent blocks of training since january and have raised my ftp from 260 to 289 after my big holiday break during christmas. also lost my christmas weight from 89 ->85

Last weekend was supposed to be a B race for me, but, it ended up with me massivly cramping after only 50km. which makes me very worried coming to my A event in only 1 month, a trip to harzen with my freinds. I did have some stomach issues the week leading up to it, but still, very worried.

Harzen have climbs of 20-40 minutes, and i need to know how do i end up in best shape before that.
I have created some long Sweetspot intervals, together with long threshold intervals mixed with some endurance and vo2 short sprint workout like 30/20.
1 SS, 1 Threshold and 1 Vo2 for the next three weeks, and hopefully i can get in some long rides in the weekend.
Before this i have done sustained power build, but it did not help me with my race ( the race was 2-4 minutes hills, and much of them). I have been riding 3-6 hours per week.

My freind can hold a at least w275 for one and a half hour steady, and we are pretty much same weight. He is very good at long efforts at high powers, so how do i actually have a chance of beating him? Very afraid that cramps will get me knocked out, and its not possible for me to win.

If your friend is doing 90mins @ 275w they may be closer to 300w for the 20-40min climbs? I think you need to be realistic - if you weigh the same their w/kg is better and they will climb faster.

If you can, do 3 next weeks and add 2-3 hrs/wk of low-mid Z2 then take a rest week (or maybe 3 or 4 days very easy) before your ‘race’. Dont try and cram intensity - 2x a week is enough.

Cramps happen for me when I am dehydrated, and/or exhausted (fatigue). 3-6hrs/wk for most is not enough to provide decent fatigue resistance.

TLDR: Make sure you’re rested, and work on your descending skills :rofl:


Failing is not an option!! There must be a way. I will do almost anything :smiley:

I think this is a job for chatgpt

This is my schedule for the month leading up ( currently on rest week )
The B race will be 140km. in zone 2-3-4, mostly 2. I think i can loose 3 kg. Does this look okay?

A stick in their spokes might do the trick.


I’ll rather not hurt them, i have to drink beer with them after. :slight_smile: Maybee i can add some weight on their bikes in the night.

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How aero are you vs them? Can you beat them by simply putting out less power for the same speed. Racing is all about speed. Can they cope with accelerations or are they more of a diesel? Could you wear them down by pushing them into the red with sharp accelerations and recovering yourself?

Very Good points. I should be more aero. They are full diesels wheres i am much better at 2-4 minutes all outs.

I prefer a frame pump….


Swap their tires for whatever is at the bottom of the list for rolling resistance :thinking::thinking::thinking:

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Preserve as much energy as possible before climb and hope he doesn’t. Hammer it on climb and hope he is fatigued. Only other realistic option IMO is to have a better fueling and pacing strategy than him. I once beat a friend of slightly lower FTP but higher W/kg by an hour on a long gravel race because he went slightly too hard at one point and didn’t fuel enough. His last 20 miles were pure torture.

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Sit on his wheel the whole way and out sprint him in the end. At no point do you ever take a turn in the front. He may not drink that beer with you after that (or have a friend) but you’ll get the win! :rofl:


The win is the important thing :smiley:


Agh, i really need some last minute advise.

I have been sick 3 times since last (!) so now i just need to be the best i can be for the 2 days.

If you take a look at my schedule, does this seems like a plan to go with, or would you change it up, in order to be the best possible at 2 of june? ( Correct training, and "detraining? )

Please take a look at my last couple of weeks, together with the next couple:

Is it enough rest? And for tomorrow, i have vo2 merced, but should i change to 1 hour of threshold “all out” ?

Please advice me :slight_smile: (I should be okay with fueling, beeing able to take 90 g. carbs without problems per hour )

I won. The carbs i ate and my lower weight got me there. I am sure his FTP is much higher than mine, so Carbs for the win