9 weeks between A events, what to do?

What do you guys do between peaks? Just finished my spring A events (4 crits over Memorial Day), then took a week for some fun riding and KOM chasing while my form was high. I now have 9 weeks before my next A event (3-stage omnium with TT, crit, RR). Im taking a recovery week this coming week, plus I’ll have a taper week, so it’s really 7 work weeks. Here are a couple thoughts.

  • 3 week VO2, 1 recovery, 3 week Threshold, 1 taper
  • 3 week Threshold, 1 recovery, 3 week VO2, 1 taper ( or could do 2 weeks VO2 plus a recovery week before the taper)

Would the order change the adaptations? Is a 2 or 3 week block if VO2 at the end too close to the event? Any ideas?

My primary ‘A’ event was yesterday and my next is on the 19 August. I’ve just been following the plan builder plan (well kinda). Its got me on a recovery after yesterday (The midweek group ride, a paceline tends to be Z3 with bursts and the first half of todays group gravel ride had my HR in the high tempo to threshold area). Thats followed by ‘Base 1&2’ Build although my planbuilder plan has probably got confused and I don’t have a speciality phase until after the recovery week after the 2nd ‘A’ race :joy:

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I’d do whichever one of VO2 or Threshold wipes me out more, first. :blush:

If that’s a tie, I’d do VO2 first, assuming FTP is 80%+ of 5 minute power.

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The VO2 blocks definitely hit me harder. I follow something similar to what Kolie Moore prescribes and do 3 VO2 workouts per week for 3 weeks. Right now FTP is around 82% of 5-minute power.

In that case - VO2 first … or a double threshold block. Or a threshold block followed by whatever a more race-specific block looks like.