Wheel off trainers - where do you store your bike?

For those of you without the luxury of a permanent setup for the turbo, how do you store your bike with the rear wheel off when you’re not using it?

On the trainer?

Alternatively, just put the wheel back in and store it wherever you’d store it otherwise?


My setup isn’t permanent but I do use a direct drive (wheel off) trainer and I quite often store the bike on it. During winter the TT bike is almost always stored on the turbore and only the road bike sees out doors.

I leave the cassette on the trainer and just put the rear wheel back on. It’s a qr, so easy to take off and put back on. Bike is stored in the basement; Trainer stays upstairs and I ride the trainer upstairs.

Similar to me, bikes in the shed, just set up each time and pack away. At times a punish but doesn’t take too long. Trainer is in a cupboard when not in use… surprisingly heavy !