How are people finding the TR Polarized plans?

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That sounds good, I guess I’m asking whether people have found value adding in Sweet Spot again in Specialty?

I’m a huge SS fan and have had great results on SSB in the past. This year due to a range of factors my training never really got going and the past couple of months I’ve been doing the Pol Build plan and really enjoying it. My fitness is showing good signs, though isn’t there yet. If I look to XCM specialty it’s not wholly different in terms of the VO2 and Threshold work. It adds in two SS sessions though and I don’t know if I want to go through with that. If I don’t though I will have to dial in my own taper using Pol. I could just swap out the SS for longer rides of course and follow the rest of the specialty plan.

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How far out are you from your event?

Five weeks.

Last week of Pol Build this week, rest week next, then specialty.

Event is on 21st Oct

I found it a little tricky going into my A event from Polarized Build too. With 5 weeks to go it’s all about sharpening the sword. I would give the plan a try before modifying it and see how you respond. At this stage of year you are probably as fit as you’ll get depending on how far back you started your plan and if you had another A event before this one. With a rest week coming up that should set you up nicely to realize all that threshold and VO2 work that you did, so hopefully you get that FTP bump during your specialty phase.

I’d say roll with the plan and if it’s too much then sub in a Z2 ride for your one of your SS sessions.

I know that coming off my build I felt like I was too much of a diesel and so I incorporated the short VO2 sessions and hard group rides and just cut back on volume.


I am currently on my post event recovery week and looking at trying POL.I think I am going to just jump into Build since it keeps the VO2 work.

Has there been official talk by TR about what they are seeing on the back end? I know there is talk about them making changes to Base for compliance (within thread) but is that because people were skipping VO2 or failing workouts? I do my training purely indoors, and it sounds like lots of people do lots of this outdoors which would raise the question of are they actually taking things easy.

The other thing that is briefly talked about here is the need for week 6 to be a recovery week. Has anyone removed it and just kept going to the next phase (be it repeating build phase again)

Thanks for the help

From what I read around here, this depends heavily on which workouts you are talking about.

  • Endurance rides outside seem to be done harder than planned (and/or more irregular?) more often than easier or dead on.

    • There’s a whole side-discussion about variability related to these rides, but I’m deliberately skipping that and going more on what Jonathan and others report when reviewing peoples rides and plans in the podcast.
  • I am not sure I have any reasonable guess related to the hard workouts outside. That may well be a mixed bag.

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I took the breaks as scheduled and did so happily. The hard workouts I did were indeed hard, and even though I could “relax” on the endurance rides I did have some fatigue buildup that was noticeable. I think skipping the rest weeks are an invitation to overreaching and over training.


I did polarized build hv in april this year (doing whatever / train-now stuff prior, so I skipped pol-base). I did not find the “hard” workouts in hv-pol-build particularly challenging (nothing like short or general build). In May more of the endurance rides were outside (just rode, didn’t do the outdoor TR workout integration). “Hard” rides were nearly all done indoors. I took the rest-week, but travel pretty much forced it. I probably would have taken it anyway. Results-wise, I as very surprised by the increase in my next ramp test (+8%). One caveat, I did ride 7 days/week more often than not (adding easy 1hr recovery). I’m just finding days of don’t agree with me.


General reply to the thread…

What kind of endurance ride progressions are people seeing? I noticed in the Polarized Update thread they reduced the ramp rate of endurance workouts, but I’m finding WL increase only 0.1 or so per week and all of them are Achievable. It’s as if it is ignoring my progression level and sticking w/ preprogramed workouts. I scheduled a productive one via alternates and the next day it tried to adapt it back to an Achievable workout.

At the same time, I’ve not had a threshold adaptation that wasn’t to a Stretch workout, 3 in a row now…

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Similar experience. I think I am doing the polarized build lv plan, which only has 2 endurance workouts and 1 VO2 Max workout per week. I am doing all three of those on consecutive days (Tu, Wed, Thurs), and I do long endurance rides on Saturdays and Sundays. The only way I have gotten my endurance PL to progress is to associate the long endurance rides with equivalent TR workouts (unfortunately I don’t make that association consistently.) Otherwise, the endurance rides that the polarized plan throws at me are more like recovery rides… super achievable.

I think it was a mistake for me to select either the polarized plan or the lv plan, but since I put it on the calendar, I thought I’d stick with it and see how it goes. I’m probably doing too much endurance, though, for it to be polarized. but I have some double centuries coming up in the fall and winter that I want to stay in shape for, and tbh, i like putting in big miles on the weekends anyway.

There is not such thing as “too much endurance” to be polarised, 80/20 yes, but they don’t necessarily mean or have to be the same thing.

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Rather too litle to keep 80/20. It should be polarized by number of sessions not TiZ. Second thing is that with only 3 days on the bike I would say that polarized is not good solution long term. But hey, see where it will get you.

Good to know! I haven’t finished reading the whole thread (yet). I was thinking I should probably be doing 2 VO2 Max workouts during the week, but for some reason I couldn’t find that in any of the plans at the time I set it up. If such a plan is there, I just missed it.

Similar here, but doing LV base instead of build.

This is the exact same for me.

I’m coming back from 6 months off the bike due to hip labral repair and only want 1 hard workout per week and a progressively longer weekend ride. I figured the polarized plans would fit that mold pretty well, but AT seems adamant that I shouldn’t be extending my long ride.

To be clear, I have 5 days on the bike. the lv plan is just for during the week. Then I have about 10-12 hours (5-6 hours per day) of endurance on the weekends, except for rest weeks when I take Sunday off.


Then it changes the perception. So this seems like pretty resonable plan, as you should get proper stimulus from volume. When your body will adapt just mix in some sst/threshold for additional stimulus. Just saying as a suggestion for the future.

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I think some people are confusing PL’s with ride length. Personally, in a Polarized plan, I would not want to see the Endurance PL go up because that would mean my easy rides are getting harder. Instead, I would be choosing alternate rides to go longer rather than harder.

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You still end up with a 9.5 or whatever PL after a long ride if you associate it.

I do agree though, the danger is there that people ramp up PL with duration, and then assume they need to do a high WL Endurance ride even when they only have 90-120min.

Can you give me an example of what would lead to this? I’ve never seen a 9.5 Endurance level TR workout! (Edit: I just looked and I see TR has a couple 9.5 level 5 and 6 hour rides. Ouch! My butt would fall off)

The point I was making doesn’t relate to this though. People were saying something is wrong with the plan because their Endurance PL’s aren’t advancing, and I was saying I would not expect a polarized plan to advance my Endurance PL’s. In fact, if it did, I would choose an alternate.

Yeah, your point definitely carries. I just think it’s exceptionally easy to ramp Endurance PL once you push out to an endurance ride.

I think that’s where the real value in Pol lies personally.

Agree completely with your point about not continually ramping PL via increasing IF of a set duration.

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