Hours between sessions Q

I completely failed and blew up this morning, yesterday I completed San Joaquin in the morning, 72TSS, last night rode 40mins to a 30min crit and 40mins rode back, 1hr50, 172TSS, - 240tss for the day. Slept quite poorly, I was cooked. And tried to train this morning but completely blew up. Is there an ideal window after a session such as 12-24hrs?

Dont think there is an ideal but there is no way after a double session that included an evening race totaling 170TSS I am waking up and trying to do a morning session.

I would just say that recovery will depend on each individual and the amount of work done. May be 12 hours or may be 4 days.

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also depends on what the next session is. After a day like that, personally, for training, i’d probably get up and ride easy using heart rate as a brake. Get some low level aerobic adaptations while continuing to let the body rest a bit. I don’t think it would matter much how long I waited but I definitely wouldn’t be trying to do intervals or even tempo, most likely.

but as you probably know if you’ve done a stage race, it can be patchy. Some days after a hard stage you have the power, sometimes you don’t and you struggle through. It’s kind of hard to predict.


Sometimes you gotta test your fatigue a bit during the warmup of a workout. You’ll know if RPE and HR are through the roof.

But in this case, I’m guessing you knew you were going to blow up before even getting on the bike.


I couldn’t get my HR up at all and RPE was like 8. I will try tonight to do a easy 30min aerobic but I think today as a rest day and complete tomorrow’s training :100: is more the focus.

This is a good point. I also would consider this as well. 30-60 minutes of very easy riding might very well be in order. There are some days where I am shot and 30 minutes at like 50-60% of ftp really feels good to me. That’s really recovery territory, pure Z1 not even up to Z2, just noodling.

I definitely used to try to do a primitive version of block periodization where i had multiple hard days in a row, regularly, including right after racing.

I don’t really do that anymore. To each his or her own, but for me, it led to substantially higher risk of a non-functional overreach scenario, for no discernible benefit vs. playing it safer.