Hotter than Hell One Hundred

Signed up for the Chupacabra (100m road @ 7am & 100k gravel @7pm). My partner in crime with the RV probably won’t be able to make it due to Uncle Sam’s needs. My question is how horrible is the tent camping? Not racing, going for event experience and finishing.

I’ve done it multiple times, and it’s not horrible :slight_smile:

You just gotta mentalize that you’re not sleeping in a comfy bed (unless you have an air mattress) and that everything is going to be OK!

You can do it! :muscle:t2:


I would think it’s going to be hard to sleep. It will probably be close to 90 degrees at 9pm.


Won’t be ideal. Based off the info, tent sites are free. Just show up and set up. Is there plenty of room if I arrive Friday early afternoon?

Last year I slept in the back of my truck bed under a tree. A bit warm but not bad.
Some people set up tents down by the river.
Where the RV camping is they did allow tents. It a big field with some poles with power. Between Burnett and Bluff streets. Last year they were building a hotel and some of the asphalt parking was full of equipment. t’s first come first serve and free. If you are really really early you might be able to plug in a fan.