Calling Leadville White Corral (3.5-4 w/kg or others)

I test rode some parts of Leadville 100 a couple weeks ago and it did not improve my confidence. It is going to be tough. One thing that might make it more manageable is riding with a group of similar people to try to meet a goal time. It seems like a groupetto of 10-20 people would make it much more efficient.

I’m sure there are a lot of folks in the white corral that have a stretch goal of 9 hours so if there is any interest out there in riding this as a team working together then let me know. Maybe we could meet before hand and decide on a strategy. Or maybe @Jonathan could be our race director (if he makes it to Leadville) and give give us a strategy.

There will be sub 9 people in the white corral and the strong folks should naturally find there way to the front of the group. Try to pick out ty hall at the start. He starts dead last every year and is always sub 9. Just get on his wheel and don’t get dropped, easier said than done.

It might actually be easier to go sub 9 from white w the wave starts. You will still have a bunch of slower traffic to pass, but it should be less congested on Kevin’s.

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