Hotel pillows: flattening into nothing

Ok, there are a bunch of threads about mattresses, pillows, blankets, etc., but these are all for home use (from what I can tell). What do people do when they travel? At most of the hotels I’ve stayed in, the pillows flatten into nothing with the slightest touch. This is true even when you request foam pillows, not just the feather ones. I have a wonderful shredded foam latex pillow at home that I love and is super comfy, but it’s big, heavy, and doesn’t squash into nothing. I can’t bring it along on trips where I’m flying, and especially not on business trips. I stay at mostly mid-level hotels (chains like Hampton Inn, Fairfield, etc.).

What do people do? Any recommendations/suggestions? I’m tired of trying to pile up two of them only to have one slip away.

Nothing beats bringing your own pillow along. It can be a minor to major hassle depending on your pillow size and travel packing habits, but well worth it towards giving you a better night sleep with all the other differences that happen from travel.


I use an infatable pillow while traveling, you just inflate them when you get to the hotel


I tried bringing my inflatable backpacking pillow, It was less comfortable than the hotel pillow doubled up.

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look into a purple pillow

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My Japanese buckwheat pillow has small dimensions, which fits into the suitcase well. A little heavy, but better than those hotel pillows.

in case you can’t take your own pillow , use the towels of the hotel to put under the pillow fold them until your reach the wanted height .


Those pillows are horrible.

I smash a memory foam pillow into my bag when I can, they don’t take up too much space.

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Yeah, I was close to my inflatable backpacking pillow, but it’s small… it works for a tent and sleeping bag because you’re not moving around as much overall, but for a regular bed it just didn’t seem like it would work.

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That’s a pretty good idea, actually, about the towels.

@GT7 space is the thing I worry about. My rollerbag ends up more full than I care to admit, particularly when I’m bringing running shoes or am gone for more than a day.

It seems that the Recovery Pillow from Blackroll was made for you. Never tried it but it’s advertised exactly for your needs.

Thanks, I’m now thinking about a sea-to-summit inflatable pillow that seems to be fairly close to real size and has a top that would be softer than just air… it will pack up smaller than this.

Most 3 star and above chains (HI-Ex, Best Western, Hampton, Ramada, W, Hyatt, Sheraton, Fairmont, etc.) typically have two different types of pillows on their beds to address the goldilocks problem (too hard/too soft). One is firm the other is incredibly soft so that the user can decide. So when you say your pillow is too soft, is it both of them or just one of them?
In my past life i did some consulting for hotel chains and their entire business is making sure you are able to have a great nights sleep. Budget and boutique hotels/chains are going to have less optionality, but if you don’t like what you have you should speak with front desk, they have more available in backstock/other rooms they can provide if required. Top of closets also usually have a spare which is different than on the bed.

Also if you’re staying in a lot of hotels become a loyalty member to all of them, the stuff they provide as extra to members is hilarious, especially when it doesn’t cost them a dime to provide, but they will charge non-members for it all day/night. Just know that when Sheraton-Marriott group starts sending your significant other flowers on their birthday when they aren’t even staying in the hotel at the time you likely have spent too many nights in hotels.

I have been bringing my own pillow on trips ever since I had to sleep on the floor because I was allergic to the pillows in a hotel.