Travel sized dumb trainer


I’m a product manager and have to travel to Asia 3-6 times a year for a week or so at a time. I’ve already built myself a bike with couplers but one of the factories I work with is an an area I’d prefer not to ride in. So I’m looking for the smallest, lightest trainer available – at least that way I can breathe some air that’s been filtered by the air conditioner.

You would think that I’d just hit up the fitness center in the hotel but there isn’t one there - 12 karaoke rooms and a massage parlor but no fitness center.


Feedback Sports Omnium - magnetic rollers, front fork attaches to A frame, folds up small into a holdall for 1 hand lift when not using…


STAC Zero base model folds flat, and if you don’t mind a “kachunk” feeling to your pedal stroke on easy efforts (in my experience: under 120W or so) then you can skip the wheel weights. I would not recommend the power meter or smart control models for a lot of travel.

Yes, this, 100%. I’ve traveled to Asia with my Omnium in my bike bag…You want the “over-drive” model if you want resistance.

+1 for the Omnium, I borrowed one from a friend in the Summer and will definitely invest when I have some spare cash.

If it’s a hotel that does a lot of business with your company, you could try lobbying inside the company to get a proper trainer installed. Most companies are quite open to helping with the problems of staff who have to travel for work. It can’t hurt to ask.

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Have a look at the STAC Zero. Their trainer folds up real small and is light. I have been ridding one for the past 7 weeks. I did a short video of the review here: The only noise I hear when ridding is my drive train

It’s too big for cabin baggage. Could the magnets be a problem for checked luggage? I can’t remember if there are restrictions.

+1 on this suggestion. I have a few of these rollers, the track version and the progressive resistance ones…and a third where I merged the two and put a progressive drum and a non-progressive resistance drum on the same sled for resistance in between the two. I got a call from Feedback Sports after sharing that with the community…they were not pleased. Warranty voided! LOL :open_mouth:

It might fit; it folds down to 3 inches tall and I think 12 inches wide and 20 tall. I can measure tonight for you if you would like.

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No need, I got one myself. Maybe it’s just too big for my cabin luggage. Fair enough!

I have the Stac Zero Halcyon. I got it because I might wake up at 4 am in the morning due to 13 hour time difference and don’t want to make too much noise.

Sometimes, you just can’t get the room right above the club lounge that won’t mind the noise as much. I actually put it in my check-in luggage to take it abroad and it is now in my luggage that I leave at the hotel, as I pretty much go to the same hotel in the same city for my business trips.

If I had to do it again, I would probably still get it, with all of its clunky-ness and lack of industrial design. Not quite the level of Tacx Neo Smart, but does the job.

I’ve travelled with the Omnium as carry on luggage from the US to Brazil and then to Argentina. No issues at all.

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