Home made pre/post workout nutrition

I was listening this week’s podcast and I heard @Nate_Pearson and @chad was talking about tart cherry juice for recovery.

I have been working with Dr.Sundus Paker(PhD) and she advised me the same and she sent me below receipt. You should take in 30 minutes before and/or after workouts.

70ml tart cherry juice
25ml lemon juice
2-2.5 spoonful honey
750ml cold water
1/4 tea spoonful salt.

mix cherry juice, honey and lemon juice and then add water and salt. Enjoy.

You can check her profile at https://instagram.com/dytsunduspaker?utm_source=ig_profile_share&igshid= to confirm.


Off the back of this has anyone else tried this? @Nate_Pearson do you think the cherry juice thing is helping you? I have some daily residual muscle soreness 3 weeks into SSBHV1 so looking for something which may ease this.


No clue about the cherry juice. I do like how it tastes though.

A sports nutrition PhD told me there’s a good chance that the tart cherry juice will make you recover faster, but it will also blunt the gains from the workout you’re recovering from. But I believe there are no serious studies done on it to know for sure.

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I found this before a couple ultras I did last year. I chose to buy a few containers. At the very least, it tastes great.



Bell et al. (5) in 2015 published a study on the results of a 1-oz TC concentrate twice a day regimen including 4 d before and 3 d after a single 109-min time trial in male cyclists. Strength loss after exercise (maximum isometric quadriceps strength) was not reduced with TC (compared with a 14% drop with placebo), and this was the first study that did not include a significant eccentric exercise component. Plasma IL-6 and hs-CRP levels were lower with TC compared with placebo. And importantly, for the first time, improvements were seen in performance: improved cycling efficiency (measured by oxygen consumption) after 24 h also was noted, with athletes in the TC group having a 4% lower V·O2 requirement compared to placebo.

The previously mentioned Levers study (21) was the second study to demonstrate increased performance with cherry juice, namely, 13% faster half-marathon times in aerobically trained individuals performing a half-marathon.

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