Home made carb drink

What makes up the carbs in sports powder carb drinks? If theses 48g of carbs in a drink of which 18g is sugar then where do the other 30g of carbs come from?

Might seem like a daft question but I’ve been making my own carb drink lately using pure sugar which for example I’ll use 50g of suger to achieve a 50g of carb concentration but why and how are shop bought products achieving the same carbs but only a fraction of the sugar?
Obviously using white sugar is not a good alternative to sports products.

The sugar conten is usually Fructose, the other carb content is Maltodextrin.

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So basically making your own using pure sugar is a bad idea?

This is my solution.
Get it?

We made our own hydration drink to fight cramps ! – RideOttawa