Hmmmm. Where to start

Ok, for everyone out there that currently has a lot of extra spare time!
Where do I start? Should I go straight for a mid volume SSB plan as I have the time to do it or should I go for the low volume plan to ease myself in to indoor training and I can still make it work if things change?
I’m getting back in to training after 6 months off as life got too busy.

If you’re new to structured training I would start with the low volume plan and maybe add some endurance rides on the days between the scheduled intensity days. As long as the extra rides don’t impact the planned workouts.


Agree low volume. If you feel you want more just cherry pick workouts from mid and add them if you want some extra volume and motivation is still high


agree with mwglow15 and donlee - exactly what I would recommend

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Thanks guys. I’m going to set up the plan builder with no goal dates on the SSB low volume plan and then i can fill in the days between if i want to without the pressure of the mid-volume plan.
I have a feeling as this Covid-19 thing goes further i’m going to be great friends with Endurance workouts!!! Pettit and Baxter are going to be favourites!!!

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