Hmm, this logo looks familiar (zwift related)




:joy: I’m sure it’s an accident but that’s pretty funny.

I mean obviously their academy has been going for years and the addition of the word “road” is to differentiate it from the “Tri” and “run” versions - but the design choice to join the two words together and use a similar slanted font is unlucky.

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I’m going to be that designer who says there are a several ‘unlucky’ things going on here…


I don’t know, the quality of the logo is in line with the quality of their software. Looks good to me.

The “AC” at the beginning dipping below the following letters drives me nuts. Looks like they had an intern whip it up at 4:55pm on Friday.

I don’t see the problem, we don’t own the rights to ______Road or any derivative of it in Italic font.

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How many T_Road graduates had their proconti-team contract renewed for 2yrs after a podium in a Grand Tour stage?

(TFIC - I’ll get my coat :rofl:)

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well, at least the road isn’t a smaller unbolded font