Hitt Workout any suggestions about 25 mins inc warm up?

Just wondering if anyone could recommend a workout thats a good HITT one. I’m using the traditional base but on days when I want to do something else or am time poor I was thinking a 25 ish minute workout and doing a HITT style one to mix it up a bit.

Search the workouts for Tabata Intervals. That should sort you out :grinning:


Yep as above. Warm up then sets of 20 sec Sprint, 10 sec off. Repeat until puke/die. Rest. Repeat. Warm down

22 min warm up
6x20/10 ALL OUT intervals
(think 300% FTP)

Good luck.

Tabata-style intervals are great for that slot between getting home from work and doing anything else. Before I started using TR they were most of my indoor training, using a stopwatch and trying to get the same pitch whine out of the trainer! They’re down as Whitney in TR.

Thanks all - tried Whitney today… if I could remember I suspect I was feeling as you all said would happen…but the lack of oxygen to my brain has caused amnesia…but ill give it another go!!


Did you go :boom:ALL OUT?!:boom:

Yep I did!!! Was hard and my knees sore the day after - I have arthritis in one and a replacement in the other its why I do the traditional base the others are too hard on my knees!! I really need Whitney -1 lol