Hitch Pin Too Large for Receiver on Kuat Transfer V2

I recently got a new rack from Kuat and for some reason the pin that was provided does not fit in my 1.25" inch receiver. I don’t want to use a dremel to widen the receiver but can I use a smaller pin and still have a stable rack?

I think the Transfer V2 is “stable” from the wedge driven in by the “secure” hex key tightening more than from the hitch pin.

I have always used a separate “loose” locking hitch pin with my Kuat V2 (2") and it has been stable due to that mechanism vs the hitch pin…

Unless the 1.25" lacks that feature?

Yeah, knowing the precise rack in use would help. But from what I have seen, all Kuat racks have some sort of anti-rattle / anti-wiggle system for locking the rack in the socket tube. The hitch pin is more for security of a locking option and the potential that the locking mechanism fails. Possibly fine to use a smaller hitch pin that is still essentially the same nominal size and rating.

If the rack itself has some sort of securing mechanism like mentioned above so the pin is just a security feature or a secondary retention device, you can just go to any parts store and find a 1/2 - 5/8 pin kit

It will be a 1/2 pin and a sleeve that is 5/8 OD. It will probably be longer than you need on a 1 1/2 receiver but you can just trim it down.

I you have a 1/2" lock or pin you already want to use you can probably find the appropriate sleeve at any small hardware store.